As an owner of a small photography business I understand the importance of promoting it, at the same time I need to keep firm control of my costs.

Over the last number of years smart phone use has exploded and looking at type of traffic on my website via Google Analytics 50% comes from smartphones and tablets. To turn those visitors into potential clients it was important for me to have a website that was optimised for these new devices. I am currently paying a third party to provide this service, but this is something I felt I could do myself to free up money to improve SEO or pay for additional advertising.

As photographer I am not a coder,  I subscribe to Adobe cc primarily for Photoshop and Lightroom but it also gives me access to Muse cc. Muse allows websites to designed and created without having to enter any code, right up my street.

Within in a couple of hours I have created a working prototype of my website, it is not quite ready to go live it needs a bit more spit and polish but when it does in a few days it will save me £200-£300 per year in costs not a massive amount but every little helps.

Muse design panel

Having written all of the above, when funds become less restrictive, a proper web designer will be employed to create the website I really want and need.